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How To Clean A Luxury Watch

Luxury watches need to be cleaned and it is important to have a soft cloth available for the task.

Last Updated: Sep 6, 2019 03:09pm

You have paid good money for your luxury watch and it is only natural that you want it to keep the glimmer it had when you first purchased it. Fortunately, cleaning your luxury watch is a simple procedure that you can do yourself with very common or easy to find materials.

Step by Step Luxury Watch Cleaning Guide

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a little bit of mild detergent

  2. Dip a shammy cloth into the soapy water and clean the case

  3. Dip a shammy cloth into the soapy water and wipe down the bracelet or band

  4. Briefly place it under gently running water to rinse

  5. Use paper towels to gently dab the watch dry

  6. Use a small bit of glass cleaner on the glass display

  7. Let it sit and air-dry

Now with the basic steps listed for cleaning your luxury watch, we can go into further details for each of them.

Mix a Soapy Solution in a Bowl

A bowl of warm water with just a little bit of liquid dish soap mixed in is needed for cleaning your luxury watch.

The first thing you will need to do is prepare a soapy solution that will be used to clean your luxury watch. To do this, find a bowl and fill it about half-way with warm water.

Next, you will add soap as the cleaning agent. Dish soap is an excellent choice for this. Examples of dish soap that could be used include Liquid Dial, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, or Palmolive Dish Liquid.

You may notice that each of the examples used were the liquid version of that brand. This is because if you were to use dish soap in its powdered form and some of it did not dissolve fully in the water, you may risk causing small scratches in your luxury watch from the powdered soap acting as an abrasive.

When you add the liquid dish soap into the warm water, be mindful that not much soap is needed.

If you cause the water to be too soapy, the resulting extra suds could carry the dust and dirt you are trying to get rid of deeper into any nooks or crevices your luxury watch may have.

Cleaning the Case of Your Luxury Watch

The case of your watch is not only where all of the important mechanisms are, but it is also the part of your luxury watch that projects its uniqueness. You should clean the case of your watch by using a soft cloth and applying circular motions wherever possible.

The back of your watch’s case will be easy to clean since it is flat and likely will not have small crevices to be concerned about. However, the front of your luxury watch’s case will be a different matter because of the bezel, crown, or any ornamentation that may be present.

While cleaning the front of the case, be sure to give some extra attention around the bezel, the crown, and where the bracelet (or band) meets the case head.

A soft-bristled toothbrush can be very useful when cleaning between the links of the watch's bracelet.

How to Clean Your Watch’s Bracelet or Band

Depending on whether your luxury watch has a bracelet or a band, this could be either the most difficult part of your timepiece to clean or the easiest.

  • Bracelet - If your luxury watch has a bracelet, then the best procedure would be to thoroughly clean each link using a shammy cloth that has been dipped in your soapy water solution. Make sure that you spend time in the spaces in between the links and within any crevices, as this is where grime can build up over time from sweat. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush is helpful with getting to the hard to reach places.

  • Band - If your luxury watch does not have a bracelet made from gold or some other metal, chances are that you have a band made from fine leather or some other high-end material. In these situations, simply wiping the band with a soft, damp cloth should be enough to remedy any issues with dirt or debris.

The part most often forgotten about when cleaning a luxury watch is the clasp. The best time to clean the clasp is after the links of the bracelet has been cleaned, or in the case of a watch with a band, after the band has been wiped down.

Rinse Under a Faucet of Gently Running Water

After you have spent the time you need to clean the dirt and dust from your luxury watch, it is time to rinse away any leftover soapy water. This is easily accomplished by placing the watch under a faucet of gently running warm water.

If your watch is not water-resistant, or you are not certain, it would be advisable to skip this step entirely.

If you want to ensure that you remove any remaining loose grime or dirty soap suds, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub while rinsing.

If you decide to use a soft-bristled toothbrush while rinsing, make sure to use a different one than what was used when you were washing your luxury watch with the soapy water.

You only need to keep your luxury watch under the slowly running faucet for a brief time.

Removing Excess Moisture After Cleaning Your Luxury Watch

When you have finished running some warm water over your luxury watch to rinse it off, it is a good idea to remove any excess moisture. The tool of choice here is paper towels.

The best way to rid your watch of the left-over moisture is to use dabbing actions against any wet spots. By removing the remaining water in this efficient manner, you can avoid any spots being left behind from the collection of dust on the moist areas.

You may find it necessary to use the edges of the paper towel to reach within creases in the links of the watch’s bracelet or under the bezel.

Make Sure Your Glass Display Is Clear

Cleaning the glass display of your luxury watch with a soft cloth and glass cleaner is an important finishing touch.

After cleaning your luxury watch it is now time to give some attention to the part that literally functions as a window into the essence of your watch...the glass display.

Behind the glass is the area that not only serves as the spot where you look at the time, it also as the attention-getter that causes others to take notice of the fine timepiece that you are wearing.

With this being the case, it only makes sense to take extra care in making sure that the glass clearly exhibits the character of your luxury watch’s face. You can achieve this by spraying a tiny bit of glass cleaner onto an unused shammy cloth, or other soft cloth. Use small circular motions across the surface of the glass.

It is important that you spray the glass cleaner into the soft cloth and not directly onto the glass display. This will allow you to avoid annoying spots from appearing from any errant spray that may hit other parts of your luxury watch.

Air Dry Your Luxury Watch After Cleaning

By using a hairdryer you can avoid annoying spots from appearing on yur luxury watch.

And now you have arrived at the final step of the process of cleaning your luxury watch...drying it! Generally, air drying means to let an item sit in the open air to allow any moisture to evaporate away.

Here we will take things one step further by using a hairdryer.

Set a hairdryer on its lowest setting and move it back and forth along your watch. Keep the hairdryer at least 5 inches away so as not to harm any delicate inner-workings that may be sensitive to high heat.

Continue with blowing the hot air along the watch for no more than about 30 seconds. Make sure that you do not keep the hairdryer aimed at one section of the watch. Rather, keep constant motion along the watch so that the heat is evenly distributed.

Once you have followed through this step, you would have completed the process of cleaning your luxury watch. The resulting shine and sparkle that your luxury watch will show will make the steps involved and the attention to detail all worthwhile!